Add Repeated Groups Based on selected options of Multi-select question

We want to create a repeated groups based on selections in one of the multi-select questions. Is it possible to determine number of repeated groups based on number of selections and then auto-fill the first response in each repeated group with one of the selections and continue the repeat groups for each selection.

For example:
The selections in multi-select question are as follow:

Q:Electronic Items You have:
1-Laptop (Selected)
2-iPhone (Not Selected)
3-iPad (Selected)
4-TV (Selected)

I want the repeated group to repeat 3 times based on 3 selections. And then in each repeated group, it prefill the response to the first question as the value of first item selected above:

[Repeated Group 1]
Q1.Item Type: (Laptop)

[Repeated Group 2]
Q1.Item Type: (iPad)

[Repeated Group 3]
Q1.Item Type: (TV)

Welcome @samim,
This requires advanced form development. You can use

  • count-selected( …) to set repeat_count
  • position( ) in the loop to get selected_at(…) from your select_multiple question
  • set this selected item (label? or name?) in the variable or its label in the loop, with a calculation or a ${…} reference
  • if you use an overall group inside the loop, you could even set a dynamic text reference in the group label.

Be careful, references in labels will not be stored/submitted.

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Thank you Dear @wroos for the guidance and quick response
I am still new Kobo user and am learning advance features. Is there any other form that might have implemented similar questionnaire that I could follow? I still don’t know how to add loop.
Attached is the sample Excel file I have worked so far, appreciate if you could have a look
dynamic repeat groups.xlsx (14.0 KB)

@samim, maybe you could have a look at this post discussed previously (it should help you solve your issue):

Dear @Kal_Lam
The example you shared is exactly what I needed. I brought the [jr:choice-name(selected-at(${…] calculation inside the repeated group, and it worked.
Sharing the updated XLS of my form here as well.
dynamic repeat groups (corrected).xlsx (13.9 KB)
Thank you both @Kal_Lam and @wroos for the guidance. Very much appreciated.

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@samim, thank you for sharing the same with the community! It should be helpful for those needing the same.