Add scoring to questions to calculate

Hi Stephane and Kal thank you for your help thus far. I am at a point where admittedly I am not to good with writing expressions or concat language. However, there are some questions which in the first tier constribute to eligibility, and then sendly are also wcored to help determine a priority score. I need assistance ni inputting these scorings to the questions to then test to see if the results we expect occur. Can you pkobo.xlsx (28.1 KB)

Hi @scherrie,

Could you be specific with the eligibility and the scores you wish to add to your xlsform. Would also appreciate if you could provide the values for the same in a pictorial form. It would be easy to understand.

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Thanks for responding. See attached Copy of Income Support - Eligibility Criteria updated.xlsx (22.0 KB)

I am suggesting a simple tiered evaluation approach. Tier 1 we apply weightings (to be agreed) to 3 criteria using a scoring scheme.

A. Immigration Status - 20%

B. Employment Status - 40%

C. Income Status - 40%

A cut off score is decided and then we can carry out the Tier 2 evaluation based on the new dataset of applicants and this could be based on additional money related questions.

C.1 Savings - 30%

C.2 Other Income - 40%

C.3 Redundancy Payment - 20%

If we decide to have different values of income support we could use the number of household dependents questions as a qualifying factor and perhaps the disposable income measure. If we wanted to have varying duration of payments that is some get 3 months, some 6 months etc. we could base this on the length of time they have indicated that they will be unemployed (this could be monitored with follow-up calls to the applicant or questionnaire).

THis is the framework that is being considered to be used.

Hi @scherrie,

It’s much clear now. But would you mind designing a short questions (maybe 3-5 questions that resemble a checklist) for A. Immigration Status with its possible choices. Also assign the weights for the choices. I shall try a small workaround which you could follow and design the rest by yourself.

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[atueZUHRLieeLdMYg4NMZemployment status 1.5 KB) legal status additional members of household combined income

Hi Kal. Legal status is the info for immigration. I have attached the other selections for the other eligibility criteria. . When you say add the weightings, should the points to be allotted be placed in the “values”? I was of the view that “values” was used for coding.

Let me know if this helps you in creating the workaround.

Hi @scherrie,

So what would the weight be for …

2W. Which best describes your employment status now.

Working full time (35 hours or more per week) …
Working PART time (less than 35 hours per week) …

The values and questions are OK (at the moment).

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The weighting is to be used to generate scores to help determine how people rank in order to qualify for income

Hi @scherrie,

Yes, you got that correct!

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I look forward to your feedback on the scoring/weighting expressions to input

Hi @scherrie,

But I would be able to make a workaround only if you provide me something.

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My apologies, see the scoring for employment status now