Add table format by question matrix

By question matrix, I am trying to create a table format. However, when I use question matrix, all the questions are separated and not show up in the same page even though I checked the function of “Show all questions in this group on the same screen”. How can I make a table format by question matrix?


Table matrix only works when using the browser, it is not supporter by kobo collect app. If this is what you are trying to do y advise to load the survey web link on the tablet’s browser and it should appear as a table:
Browser survey works offline too like the app. The only risk i am seeing is that a surveyer delete the browser page and loose the survey without having internet to load it again (while he cannot easily loose the survey in the app). So what i do is to load the survey on two different browser application of the tablet in order to have at least one backup in the field.

I don’t know if it’s your issue, tell me more if its not the case


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Dear Quentin,

Thank you for your explanation.

However, I tried to load the survey web link on the tablet’s browser but a table did not show up.

Plus, from your explanation, a table won’t show up on the kobo collect app?

I will use the survey form in the field, and it might be difficult to do a survey by my laptop.

Anyway, thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

Best regards,

Sung Ho

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So for your first concern, make sure in the survey setting to have chosen the table option in the builder form (top right hand corner and then table style) or to have put setting Theme-grid in your setting page of XLS Form. Then there would normally be no problem to load the tables in a browser.

However yes it is not possible to load it in the application Kobo Collect. Nevertheless the browser in the tablet works exactly the same: you can load the survey page when having internet and then use this page in the field without internet conexión from the tablet and when you will meet network again the survey will be loaded.
Do some tests before going for the first time in the field with this technique.

If it’s still not working the table, send us the XLS form for us to see what’s wrong

Have fun!

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