Added and shared users to a form having access to complete data

Dear Team,

I am writing for a solution for accounts that I have linked to the master account which they collect data for specifically for their user and I end up having them accessing all data from another user, attached is the screenshot of one of the user having access to all data which I need him to have access to only data collected by the user and I have followed the adding specific user rules,
my master user is on the screenshot with all data of 8428 but the share users have it same too

@baana2005, would you mind sharing the project with only the following settings: View form, Add submissions, and View submissions (View submissions only from specific users)? This should solve your issue.

Dear Kam,

From my screenshot above you can see I did exactly what your suggesting me to do but shared user seeing all submission that’s why I complain, can you check it from your end there for me please. Thank you

Good Morning Kal,

I have discover why other users having full access to the data is due to Anyone can view submission made to this form is check by one of my colleagues and rectify it, see attached below

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@baana2005, :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

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