Adding 3 million addresses to a KOBO form for use in Enketo?

I want to develop a form that allows users to search for their address, filtering from local authority to postcode to address. I have more than 3 million addresses so I think this exceeds the limits of external_choices, and because the survey will be completed on desktop via Enketo external_file does not seem like it would be an option?

Is there an alternative that I am missing?

Many thanks!

Hello @ak123 ,
Based on my experience, I would recommend utilizing the Kobo Collect app. In a previous project, I encountered issues with Enketo crashing when handling external files containing approximately 200k records.

In contrast, when dealing with a dataset of approximately 1 million records, I found that Kobo Collect proved to be more reliable. However, to effectively manage this large dataset, I had to implement specific filter function columns, which significantly aided in accomplishing the task at hand.

If its mandatory to used web , You might consider splitting the dataset into different external files according to state, district etc and only loading related external external file

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