Adding a consent page

Is there a way to add a consent form at the beginning of the survey that is not just the note format? This doesn’t allow my to create line spaces so the formatting doesn’t really work and I saw another post where someone just used Command + Enter but this wasn’t working for me.
Thanks so much!

Hi @mstoeltje,

I believe you want to add a consent and you would like to format it as you want. You can create new lines in the xls version. Download your xls form and format it as you like and replace the form. You can use find some format in the link below:

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Is there a way to do this without using the XLS form? When I try to use the form, It won’t let me deploy the form because of errors. Where do I put the consent form in the XLS form because no matter where I put it it says there are errors.

if you can share your xls form, I can review it for you and if possible I can fix it. Basically, you need to group all the questions as one, except the consent note and the consent question. After that you will add a skip logic to consent question, if answer is yes, it will show the rest of the question, if not there will be no question expect consent

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@mstoeltje, you could do this as outlined in our support article:

You should also be able to learn more about this through our community posts here.

We have made blocks for the rest of the survey so that they display if the participant matches the screening criteria and agrees to participate but we are struggling inputting a consent form the xls form for our consent block. In which column do I place the consent form because when I input it into column B or C the form says it cannot be deployed because there is no question label or hint. Thanks!
consent block.xlsx (37.3 KB)

I don’t think the acknowledge question type will work for us because will the survey response be validated if they leave the question blank? We want to collect non-response as well.

Does this one work for you?
aMQFmCoxcpFpQCh6Sj7Ygh.xlsx (13.5 KB)

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Yes this worked thank you!


@osmanburcu, @mstoeltje :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

At we regularly use paper consent forms at the outset of a survey as a way to confirm consent but also to inform and safeguard participants. Typically the paper is A5 and serves to describe the survey and purpose, outline risks to participants and also acts as an administrative data quality tool.
Data collectors fill in key admin fields on the form such as date, survey target number, their name, house/facility address/number and space for a participant to sign.
Most importantly the paper is left with the participant, the data collector takes a photograph on the Kobo Collect form. The paper provides the participant/respondent with an accessible record of the survey event. This serves to hold the data collector and us (as the commissioning agency) accountable for our practise.
Understanding (and interest) is often missing at this stage in the transaction, complications may set in after the data collectors have left the area and the paper record serves to empower the source.
I would be interested to know what other rights focused approaches are being used in this regard by this technical community.