Adding a Custom Logo to your form only works using the new approach provided in the support articles


bug: When I upload a new, different logo in any one project’s logo, all other project’s logos (which may be different than the new one) get replaced with this new logo.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. … Add project A with survey and logo A.
  2. … Add project B with survey and logo B.
  3. … Go to Project A, open the survey preview. It will show logo B whereas it should show logo A. And we did not tell it to replace logo A with B when we uploaded logo B.

Expected behavior

The ideal scenario would be for the logos in projects to be independent of each other. So, that different projects for different clients can be run in parallel.

Actual behavior

One newly uploaded logo replaces all other logos in all projects.

Additional details

It’s been like this for a year now. Reported it before. Seemed to be resolved but is back now.
Please resolve ASAP as it is disrupting our work flow.

Hi @saadi,

Have you gone through the attached support article on how to place a logo within a survey form? Maybe it would be of help.

Adding a custom logo to your form

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Apologies. Seems the support link previously gave instructions regarding the form_logo.png method which seems is not supported anymore.
And the new method you linked to says to give unique file names to logos and define them in the survey file too.
Will give that a try and let you know.

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Hi @saadi
Does it work for you now?


It does but I was having trouble with style setting set as “Pages” that the logo would appear by itself on the first page only and not on others:

One solution I figured out was to reinsert the Logo Note Question on top of every “Field-List” set group so that it appears on top of every page.

Saad Ahmad

Hi Saad,
The logo as you noticed would not appear in every page. The only way is to use the workaround you had.


Yes. Thanks!
Hopefully this thread can be of assistance to others facing a similar problem.



Hi! Thanks for the above, very insightful!

I’m currently also trying to resolve the issue with the logo only being visible at the first page. Reading the above this happens because the style setting is set to ‘pages’.

Reading the solution: “reinsert the Logo Note Question on top of every “Field-List” set group so that it appears on top of every page” → I can’t seem to fix the issue yet. Would it be possible for me to send the xls form in a private message so we can have a look together?

Hi @Annika
Could you confirm that you inserted the Logo Note question as had been mentioned? Without doing this, you would not be able to execute this as you desired.


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Hi Stephane, I tried by inserting the logo note above every begin_group, but I think that is not what is meant with the above. Then I’m not sure what I should exactly do… Your advice is much appreciated.

@Annika, have you gone through this discussion?

It should solve your issue.