Adding cascading question sets in XLSForm for multiple question form

Dear all, and
I try to use the cascading question for a set of multiple question and i have problem.
Can you helpe me in this issues: I need to do a link such as “choice_filter” between two multiple choices questions they have different lists of options, in the excel forme i allreday create a column : choice-filter.
My question is : how i can create this link between theise questions?

1- link between (q22_1 and q22_2)
2- link between (q22_2 and q22_3)
i have attached the excel file

Mapping of Climate Adaptation.xlsx (133.1 KB)


I found were i do the error and the filter is done


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Hi @Rima glad you managed to fix this. Do you mind sharing the highlights on how you managed to solve and come up with your solution?

Just incase someone else comes across your post and might be in the same situation




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Thanks for sharing @Rima


@Rima, :tada: :bowing_man:

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