Adding Date and Time When Form is Printed

I want to add the date and time when a form is printed. I’ve been trying to use the calculate function but I haven’t gotten it to work.
Any help is appreciated

Welcome to the community, @Fried1! Could you explain this a bit as it’s unclear. Maybe you could use some screenshots to explain it pictorially.

What I want is for the date and time to be automatically inserted as the print icon is clicked. This way the date and time that is recorded will be the one when the form was printed.
Hope this makes it clear.

Thanks for the welcome

Hi @Fried1, are you saying you want the date and time to be included in the submission sent to the server or added to the page that’s being printed?

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Date and Time to be sent to the server.

Hi @Fried1, unfortunately that’s not possible unless you explicitly send a submission to the server when you print a form so you know when it was done. Printing is handled by the browser itself and is separate from Enketo/KoBoToolbox.

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Ok, Thank You for the info