Adding downloadable word document or PDF to form?


I am creating a form to review grant proposals. I would like to include the proposal files for the reviewer to download at the top of my form in Kobo. How can I go about embedding files? I do not see an option in form editor. Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

@dlewander, did you mean you wish to hyperlink a PDF file in your project form?

I think that would work. Essentially embed a downloadable pdf in the form. @kai_lam how would that work?

Hi @dlewander, if you were adding media such as images/audio/video you could add them directly within the Kobo form as per these instructions: Adding Various Types of Media (image, audio, video) to a Form — KoboToolbox documentation

For other types of files - such as word documents - you will need to put the file somewhere else online (e.g. Sharepoint, Dropbox, Google Docs, whatever system you use) and then in the Kobo form you can put a hyperlink to the file.

Example in previous answer here: I would like to add a hyperlink to a question. Is it possible with KoBo? - #4 by Kal_Lam

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Ah, that’s a shame you cannot embed them. Hyperlink and Dropbox seems like the next best solution. Thank you!!

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