Adding images to questions

Thank you @Kal_Lam is good to know that. However nor the web version or the app version show the images. For example on the preview version it doesn’t even try to load de image, like yours where it shows a broken file.

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Could you kindly please share with me your username, project name and the server you are using through a private message. Maybe i would be able to help you out then.

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Well, FYI, i am able to see the image at my end:

Tested this with chrome browser.

Hi everyone,

I tried all of the things above, but the image is not working. I can share the questionnaire personally… Could there be other possible explanations?

Thank you!

@alexine11, could you share with us a screenshot so that the community would be able to know what is not working at your end?


Thank you for your answer!

This is what’s shown

Hi @alexgmuriithi
Just to clarify, are you using the exact process as had been recommended by @Kal_Lam to @MaIsAp?

Just confirm the following:

  1. Where are you trying to test if the image is working? Preview, Enketo, or Collect
  2. Have you uploaded the image files onto the project?
  3. Have you ever used this procedure before and it worked?
  4. Lastly, if No to 4 above, please confirm if you have gone through the procedure as explained here


@alexine11, great! So could you also share two screenshots? One from the xlsform that holds the image question and the other from the SETTINGS>Media.


→ survey: yellow=what I changed


Hi @stephanealoo. Thank you very much for your respons.

  1. Collect
  2. yes
  3. No, it’s my first times
  4. Yes, I did, several time, but I might have overseen something without knowing.

@alexine11, looking at both your xlsform and from SETTINGS>Media, I see that that the file name seems to be an issue.

You xlsform has a filename of test.jpg while the filename from SETTINGS>Media is test.jpg.jpg. Fix the latter and that should solve your issue.

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Yes, indeed, it works!! Thank you so much for all the help using this great tool.

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