Adding links and/or description to choices

Hello community,

I am responsible for adding roles and responsibilities to each opportunity I am adding as an option.

After I add the multiple job opportunities names, example:
Accountant Assistant
I need to find a way to add the roles and responsibility under every choice. It would have been feasible if they were 4-5 opportunities, but sadly they are over 100.
is there a way to add links to each choice? or have a text underneath the choice that explains the roles and responsibilities (10 lines max) for each opportunity choice?

I want to clarify that my question is not in the survey sheet as easily i can add the url as label or hint. My question is specifically adding a URL for each choice or a long lines of description for each choice in the choices sheet.

A proposed solution would be to add an image that contains roles and responsibilities. However, I truly still prefer notes or a URL link. I don’t believe this feature is available yet but I really recommend adding it as sometimes it can link to explaining a new concept to a beneficiary or even provide urgent assistance when in need.

For an example, in an emergency scenario where we are distributing links to inquire about residents’ knowledge of safety precautions and emergency phone numbers/websites, it would be really helpful for those who don’t know emergency websites to have a link that they can visit directly before finishing the survey questionnaire.

@moe_rachid, adding hyperlinks to choices is yet not supported. So, maybe your other alternative is to use images (to the choices) as outlined in this support article:

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Thank you @Kal_Lam for your response.
A follow up question. Can the image be displayed only after the respondent picks the choice? specifically in a choose_multiple scenario?

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@moe_rachid, no.

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A workaround might be using a guidance_hint (and in Collect local settings: yes (show) collapsed). See XLSForm Docs.

Using Collect Settings - ODK Docs.

Another option could be to add a variable, e.g. a note, after or before the choice list, filtered by a relevant clause, based on the select.

Thank you for these suggestions.

While the first option can only add a hint to a question not to each choice. Would you mind explaining further the second option of variable note that is dependent on each choice as this is new to me and I would really appreciate the support. Also, does that work with select multiple or only select one?