Adding new options to a form already deployed

Hello, I’m trying to modify a form already created and deployed. I need to add a new option in a list already created. I edited the form, added the new option, saved the form, redeployed it, but the added option is not visible in the form. I tried both online and with XLSForm.

Welcome to the community, @jesicad! Did you mean the changes you made in the forms were not reflected in the data collection form? If yes, did you refresh the page (if you are collecting your data through Enketo), or did you try getting the new form to your app (if you are collecting data through the Collect Android App?

Thank you for your response. Yes, the changes were not reflected, I redeployed the form and refreshed it and the changes are not being reflected in the collection form or the preview of the form. I also tried to clone the form and deploy a new one, but it is not working. I’m not using the Collect Android App, just the option “collect data” from the site.

Any other ideas?

the problem is that the new option is not linked with its parent options so it is shown in the list of options in the tab “DATA” but nobody can select it through the form.

Hello, I still have this issue unsolved, any recommendations? Thank you very much for any advise!