Adding new users takes unexpectedly long time

Dear KoBo community,

I built a survey to be used to report COVID-19 cases among schools students and teachers. each school have a user to report and view reported cases.

This survey users nearly 300 users, the issue that our team suffer from is. whenever we want to add users or change users permissions it takes more than two minutes for each change. and sometimes it failed.

Thanks for your usual support.

So do you mean you have shared your project with approximately 300 users and when you wish to add users or change the permissions of the users it is taking approximately 2 minutes?

Thanks, @Kal_Lam for your prompt reply.

During the process of adding users. nearly after adding the first 100 users, it starts to take a long time to add the other users or changing permissions.

We are now in the process of adding the remaining users to the survey.

If I got you correctly, you were able to add the first 100 users normally. Then it started taking time when trying to add additional users.

Yes exactly.

Which server are you in?

humanitarianresponse server

So it’s now taking approximately 2 minutes to add another username?

Yes. nearly it needs 2 minutes to add every new user or change permission.

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Thank you. Well noted. We will have a look at the same.

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Waiting to hear back from you.

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@aamra, kindly please be informed that we have a GitHub issue for this. Maybe you could follow the same here:

Will however update you when we solve this.

Many Thanks for your followup.

I’ve reviewed the GitHub issue. And it seems it’s not followed up.