Adding new value or edit existing value in Cascading Select Questions

Hello experts,

I created a form and add data from xls data file. Now I want to edit some existing values in the form where there is already ‘choice filter’ value associated with those data. Can I do this edit job in the form edit mode?

I can ask the same question in below way

How can I edit existing data or add new data in form builder where there are already Cascading Select Question?

@ahsanmani, you will need to add the cascading select choices through the xlsform. For this you could follow the steps outlined below:

  • Download your project that has cascading select questions in xlsform format.
  • Make updates to your xlsform.
  • Upload (replace) the xlsform back to the project and then redeploy your project.

This should solve your issue of adding choices to the cascading select question.