Adding of a label (matrix questions)

Is it possible to add a label question? I mean it shouldn’t take a value.
not single one, select many, text, number just a label

Could you kindly share us a use case so that we are able to help you if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox.

Screenshot (12)
In this picture the first sentence (initial responses for treating diarrhea) is a question and the following are option that required to take value
Thank @Kal_Lam in advance

It seems like you are trying to have a question as:

  • Initial responses for treating diarrhea (select multiple)
    • Give water
    • Withhold water
    • Give food

Do you mean something like what i have outlined?

No, the options need to take value
like: give water should take values like 5,6, 10 …
withhold water should take values like 3,…

I finally got you. Your issue should be solved by the matrix question. To learn more on please have a look at our support article Question Matrix Response Type.

Note: With a matrix question you are free to add or remove the number of rows or columns as per your wish.

I have used matrix question and changed its lalyout to grid them but in mobile it doesn’t show complete

Unfortunately, matrix question is only supported with Enketo and not with Collect android app.

I think it will be great if Kobo ToolBox add the mentioned feature for coming days to solve the problem
like: adding a question as a label