Adding required field on begin_repeat

I added begin_repeat to a begin_group. The problem i am facing is user can skip the group of questions.

I don’t want the option ‘DO NOT ADD’. user must answer at least one group.

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Welcome to the community! Would you mind providing a simple sample of the issue you are facing. Maybe that would help the community to identify your issue and provide solutions accordingly.


done :slight_smile:

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you can control this with a count just after the end_repeat, either with acknowledge or note type with further attributes to block move on (and/or validation). Attached 2 versions.
The additional messages are to get also the standard error layout (colour) when you move on (or go to the end for validation).
NoRepeatError01.xlsx (10.9 KB)
NoRepeatError02.xlsx (10.8 KB)
It depends on your form design, with pages style the user is automatically (& totally) blocked by KoBo when she/he has removed all repeats (= 0 repeats). You can see this by setting style to pages in the settings sheet. (After deletion of the repeats, going to the end and moving back, you will also see more.)
One repeat is the KoBo system default.
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