Adding skip to a repeat group

Dear kobotoolbox community. I have a trouble when make questionnaire in kobotoolbox.
I have make repeat group “database” consisting of “Name of child and Date of birth”. Then, I want to make a question about weight only for the first child aged 0-23 months (only for the child who answers first). The respondents are caregiver of cildren under 5 y.o (0-23 months and 24-59 months).
Is there any other way to use the skip logic function of the variables inside the repeat group?

Hi @hutabaratrensi29 and welcome to the community!

You can use skip logic in a repeat group, without any problem: Adding Skip Logic — KoboToolbox documentation

Make sure that your question is also in the repeat group and write the skip logic accordingly.

If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thank you for your response mr @hakan_cetinkaya
But, I’m not sure I found the right way.
When I do skip logic, it will make to appear result like this

And I want to set the question “weight” only for the first child to fill in the answer (not the next child in one household). Maybe, that’s about sequence of answer or position, I don’t sure too.
I really need help

@hutabaratrensi29, can you validate your form in here first, so we can see what are the syntax issues first? ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x

After that, let’s dive into your issue :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I found this trouble again, Sir :disappointed:

@hutabaratrensi29, here is a workaround for adding a skip logic to a repeat group as advised by @hakan_cetinkaya.

Regarding your latest issue of having validation issues when validating your XLSform through the online validator, you will need to keep fixing the issue in your XLSform and then revalidate the XLSForm with the online validator again (until every syntax issue from your XLSForm is clear).


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