Adding translations while collecting data

Good afternoon!

I use Kobo to gather survey data from different projects in different countries. As we go, with ongoing data collection, sometimes more languages are needed. I understood from different questions on this forum that after replacing a form (with a new language) no data is lost and collection can continue.
However, I am not entirely certain if uploading new data will encounter problems because the old form is gone. I don’t want everyone from already ongoing projects to need to redeploy the form. They don’t need the new translation. Is this possible or would this go wrong?

I have a survey in English and Dutch. I have 10 people busy with the Dutch survey. Then, I decide to make a translation in French (won’t change questions/order). I replace the form with languages in English, Dutch, and French. I don’t tell the Dutch people anything. Can they continue uploading their data?

Hope to get some answers!

Welcome to the community, @hesterbrinkers! This would not affect the existing form/data. To be sure, you could always try this in a dummy project.