Adding up elements within a particular question

I am creating a form with questions about living conditions for families in the South Pacific. The answers have assigned point values, with the totals added to indicate their quality of living conditions. Within one question, there is an option to mark which kitchen appliances they have. For example, if a family has a refrigerator it is 4 points. Is there a function in KoboToolbox that allows me to add the points together for the appliances that are marked to reveal a total score for the question? Thanks for any help you can give!

Hi @lukespowers,

Welcome to the community! If you are trying to auto-calculate a value for a set of questions (with different weights for it), you could do the same in xlsform by following an example shared below.

Here, I have tried to sum all the values of all the kitchen appliances that the household possess with the weights (mentioned within the brackets): Knife (2); Mixing bowl (2); Cutting board (3); Spoon (3); Cup (1); Plate (1); Grinder (4) and Refrigerator (5).

In the survey tab:

In the choices tab:

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