Adding users & different password to collect data in KoboToolbox

Can’t adding users & different password to collect data in KoboToolbox. How can go ahead this section?

Welcome to the community @shajjad_1! Why would you wish to add a username and password under the projects SETTINGS? Could you kindly explain?

If use the same user name & password for all data collector, then any one can make change the form & password. So, it will be barrier to other data collector for data collection.

The best approach would be to create an admin user to control the survey and the enumerators account for data collection (as outlined in the post discussed previously):

@Kal_Lam this looks perfect, the issue is on how to make sure both admin and Supervisors account are in the same server? How to create several Supervisors accounts? Please create and upload/send us a short clip if possible.

@Lembris, this support article Creating an account on KoboToolbox should help you know that there are 2 publicly available KoboToolbox servers.