Additional tutorials /case studies about Dynamic Data Attachments

Dear madam /sir,
My project is registration of participants and their follow up data collection based on their national registration number unique ID.
I tried but failed to following instructions available at Dynamic Data Attachments — KoBoToolbox documentation
I wonder is there any additional source on information or cases studies available !

Welcome to the community, @tariqabbas! Would you mind being more specific with what actually did not work for you? Have you tried the exact file shared in the support article (to get used to with the syntax)?

Yes , I renamed round 1 survey as “survey”.

Why there is root/data[…] rather root/item ? What it does mean and what is it effect ? Sorry I am not IT professional !

I think sequence of rows in round 2 survey is not correct .

Once I enter data in round 1 survey , it does not show in round 2 first slide

Maybe you will be able to understand more about the same through this post:

Thanks a lot , it is clear now !

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