Adjust data visualizations in Custom Reports

Is it possible to adjust visualizations in the “Reports” section to only include data from respondents who answered the given question? For example, let’s say there are 4 respondents to a survey, but only 3 are pathed to a given “yes or no” question. Right now, if all 3 respondents answer “yes”, the graph shows 75% at “yes”, rather than 100%.

Hi @vsekaran,

Welcome to the community! I am not sure if the suggested workaround fulfills your requirement.

However, kindly please be informed that once you split the responses as instructed above, you will not see numbers. Instead you will see only percentage values. And these percentage values are calculated based on table total (i.e. the value will be equal to 100 if you add all the percentages shown in the output).



Could you confirm if this approach worked for you. Thanks @Kal_Lam this should resolve the issue

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How can we get the frequencies instead of numbers?
Because the percentages calculated based on the table total may not be correct all the time.

@fessouthstudy, could you kindly provide a more detailed exhalation of your issue?

Currently when we customize the report (using ‘group by’) the table show only percentages. How can we get the numbers/frequencies?

For example, I have generated a report ‘people tested positive for Covid-19’ Vs (group by0 ‘Country’.
In this case I get only percentage of people tested positive in each country and not the number of respondents.

@fessouthstudy, linking your other post here as a reference: