Administration of accounts on our own server

We have installed KoboToolbox on our own server through the docker images, as advised. It works well and user are able to manage their data. However a user has left the organisation and wants his account to be deleted. We could not find the interface to complete this sort of tasks.

I checked some posts here in the kobo toolbox community and learnt about the kpi, but we were not able to find in in our own installation.

Can someone please help us ?

Welcome to the community, @Algoo! You could do this by accessing the server through your super account and checking in:

Home › Authentication and Authorization › Users ›

Thanks for this first answer.
We connected to the server through the account that matches the “super_user_username” and “super_user_password” variables in the .run.conf file. However, there is no “Authentication and Authorization” menu on the home page. (In both legacy and regular interface.)

Good day to you all.

Can anybody please help us with this ? We really need to be able to manage accounts.

Hello @Algoo

You have to enter the admin console through:


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Thanks you, this simple url helped us a lot.

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