Advice on creating a summary page

I am looking for some advice on creating a summary page.

I have many Questions, most in multi-select format, but some in yes/no format, for a total of about 150 possible responses. On the last page, I would like to display to the user the selections they have made. Example:

You have selected the following diagnoses:

I can envision two approaches.

The first would be to create 150 Notes, use Skip Logic so they appear only if marked, and place them all in a group at the end. I am leaning to this solution, as it is the easiest to understand and implement.

The other would be to use scripting to collect the responses and somehow display them at the end. This seems potentially like a more efficient solution, but I cannot see how to implement it.

Lastly, do I need to worry about the size of my program and XLS spreadsheet? I would be approaching about 200 Questions and 300 columns in the spreadsheet. Thanks.

Getting closer. I can see that my first option is really not a good one. However, I did not realize that I could use ${Question} to retrieve results from a multi-select question. Therefore, with proper naming conventions and scripting, it should be relatively easy to place all results in a Note.

I see some issues, so I will work on this and update this post later.

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Thank you @jblackman, for sharing your knowledge and experience with the entire community!


Followup on my own question:

Currently I am using a combination of scripting and simple notes to create a summary page. I use scripting if I can figure out a way to reduce the number of questions: Here is a simple example for a single-select question where the Note is shown if it is checked in the survey.



I am still working on getting a good display for multi-select questions. If I can’t easily customize the display, I will probably add a note for each selection. It is very easy to do in the associated XLSForm, and typically the user will only select one or two diagnoses.

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