Advice on setting row-level permissions


I am currently running surveys in two different countries. Both surveys re using enketo web forms.

In Country 1, I want to set up the permissions so that each of 3 partner organizations can view the submissions from their program areas only. I have reviewed the guidance on “row-level permissions” and see that I have to first enable ‘Require authentication to see forms and submitted data’ for my whole account.

If I do this, how will it affect they survey in Country 2 where enumerators are already in the field collecting data? Will they suddenly be asked to log in to access the form? For that project, we have deployed and are reviewing submissions directly from the main account, and we have no need to give permissions to any other users. I don’t want to do anything right now that could disrupt the data collection in the field.

I would appreciate any advice on the best way to proceed. Thanks!

If you don’t check the Require authentication to see forms and submitted data, the row-level permission may not work as expected. If you check this and the enumerators are already out in the field and have not submitted their data yet but you have checked the Require authentication to see forms and submitted data, then your enumerators will be requested to log in with their credentials to submit the data (they have collected). And this is what it should pop up at the enumerator’s end for the row-level permission to work.

@Kal_Lam thanks for the quick response. Two follow-up questions:

  1. If I proceed as you suggest (check the Require authentication form), what user account should the enumerators in the second country use? Do I just set up another account and give them all the same log in? We are using Enketo so there is no account per se, they have just saved the webform on their tablets with the link.

  2. As an alternative: for the one project where I want to give specific row-level permission, if I give another user (i.e. our field coordinator) permission to “manage the project” would they be able to activate the row-level permissions from their account without affecting the other projects I have in our main account?

You will need 2 accounts to mange a row level permission. The first account would be your admin account that holds your survey project and the second account would be your enumerator’s account that you will be sharing your survey project with certain access rights as required. You will need to check Require authentication to see forms and submitted data for both these accounts for the row level permission to work as expected. You could then share the login credentials with your colleague for the enumerator’s account and start collecting data. Your enumerator will have to login to send the first submission. After that he/she does not need to login frequently. If you do not wish to share the login credentials, maybe you could submit a dummy entry from the enumerators account and then hand over the device to your enumerator.

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Hi @Kal_Lam - Following up on sdalle’s question above: how do row-level permissions work when using Enketo (where there is no identified user)? Does it work at all?



Welcome to the community, @Ethelnmc! You may check Require authentication to see forms and submitted data to see how it behaves when collecting data with Enketo.

Regarding your query, yes, the row-level permission works with Enketo too.