Advise for recurring surveys

Hi everyone!
I set up a survey on kobo which will be part of a series of surveys to check how responses are changing over time.
Each survey round will be assessed, and then survey rounds 2,3,4, etc will be compared with each other.

Are there any suggestions for how to best set up kobo to deal with this kind of analysis? is it better to set up and deploy multiple surveys to compare them after each other? But this seems like it will be very cumbersome to stitch all the data together to compare?

Or is it better to use the same and only one deployed survey? But not sure if that is the right approach either.

What do you think?

Hi @kels,

Maybe you could try out the pulldata feature as outlined in the support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox. It should help you analyze your data with a single dataset (for a multiple round of survey).

As a backup you could also have a look at the post discussed previously:

Have a great day!

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@Kal_Lam Thanks a lot for the tip! I tried it out but I think it ended up being easier by just having all the responses on a single form and then using vlookup in excel to pull the specific new entries that occurred within a range of dates.

Here is a new features request on longitudinal data for KoBoToolbox. Maybe you could VOTE if you wish to make this a reality in the upcoming days.