Age from Date

A formula (KOBOTOOLBOX) that works can be used to automatically determine age from a selected date. The date should be limited to 1924 to 2007 and the age range should be between 18 and 100. Thanks!

Hello gscart,

you could do it as outlined in these posts discussed previously .

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Dinesh Dongol

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@gscart, this post as suggested by @Dnes should help you solve your issue:

Good day, I apologize, but this is not the outcome I was anticipating. To ensure no confusion, I’ll provide a list below.

  1. Age is calculated automatically using the birthday calendar.
  2. The age limit is restricted to 15 to 60 years only.
  3. Restrict the calendar to the period between 1964 and 2009.
  4. The age row should be limited to a note. Typing a text or number should not be possible for the user.

Is it possible that the file name of the photos they included is dependent on the label?

Thank you, this is a significant aid to our Scholarship Online form.

@gscart, seems like this is something what you are seeking for …