All Group Questions missing

Hi everyone

i have been working on a questionnaire for days and ofcourse i have been saving every moment

just now, i saved and exit… to redeploy questions.

i am seeing an error,
'Cannot be reployed, groups have no children"

on going back to the questions in the form builder, all groups cannot dropdown.

i cant see no questions…

when the error is facing down, it should show the questions


Hi @glassprism,

In this case i would advise you to download the survey question in xlsform and then see if your questions are really missing. I assume it should be there in the xlsform. GOOD DAY!

i have downloaded the XLSform,
unfortunately, the questions in the group are not there.
is there any other thing i can do?

the whole job took me 6 days

There is no logical explanation for your loss of questions based on information so far. Just curious…

Did you ever back up your survey to XLS as you were working on it? I am assuming that the answer is no. However, if you did, you could potentially go back and see where the questions started to disappear, and you could possibly restore your work.

Did you view the form frequently as you were building it? If so did it function correctly up until this last attempt to save and deploy?

Did you successfully deploy the form as you were working on it? Did it function correctly? I have been copying and pasting the URL into another browser, and so far both Safari and Opera have worked ok. (Although Chrome will be the preferred browser.)

If so, did you download the data after testing the form? This would be additional proof that your work-in-progess was functioning normally.

If you did not view, deploy, and view data as you were building the form, it seems that something else is going on. For example, are you building on the same server at all times.? There are 2 - humanitarian response and personal.

If there is no explanation, and no backups, then it seems that you have no alternative other than to rebuild this entirely. Let me suggest the following, and you may be doing this already.

As you build, view and test the form functionality frequently. I usually view after adding each question, but at least after adding several questions. Save each time. It only takes a few seconds.

At least once a day, save and deploy your project. Test it in another browser or KoBoCollect. If it looks good, download your test data and review it quickly. Finally, download your current work to XLS as a backup.

If you figure out where the error occurred, please let us know for future reference.

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Just experienced the same today 22-09-2020,

Welcome to the community @pevans! Do you mean you lost all your grouping questions or do you mean you lost all the responses form your grouping question? Would you also mind letting us know the server you are currently using (OCHA or HHI).

Same here facing the problem several times today 15/12/2020. I was saved as I got the xls form. Otherwise, I was done, more than 300 variable all can be gone. Facing the problem several Times.

Hi @Tamim
Welcome to the community forum. Could you please provide more details about the variables that you are missing i.e.

  1. Were the variables from questions in repeat groups? If Yes, kindly check the data from the additional spreadsheets and you should be able to see them.
  2. Were the variables from questions in normal groups? If yes, please provide more information by sharing the screenshot of the XLS form and the screenshot of the data you are seeing?
  3. Were the variables from questions that were not in repeat groups? Could you share the information as requested in 2 above?
  4. Is this the first time you are experiencing this problem?
  5. Could you indicate which server is your project located in?
  6. Have you recently made changes on the forms and redeployed the same changes? Have you checked if these changes could have omitted some of the questions?


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Thanks for the quick response.

  1. No they were not. They were just grouped to minimize the long scrolling problem.
  2. I have actually ignored the issue and worked with previously saved spreadsheet. So can not share for your query at present also I have deleted the version and made new ones.
  3. Sorry, as I have deleted those can not share more info with you. but fortunately, I downloaded the xls after the “cras” as I would call, jsut to check if those variables were still somewhere in the xls. But nowhere I possibly found them except the group heading. under the group heading there is only one row which indicate “group_end” but all the questions were gone except the group headings.
  4. Yes
  5. Humanitarian Server.
  6. I had made changes following that morning and all was done on kobo platform not on excel. If I assume that some of the questions may have the problem by those which I have added recently. Than the other questions should remain the same. Whereas, 6 or more of my groups consisting of more or less than 200 variables/questions was vanished (except the group name as I mentioned earlier). Whenever I clicked the down arrow it showed the group was empty. For a moment there I was just astonished and hopeless until I realized I have a backup file which I can deploy.

Hi @Tamim
I would assume that this is now solved and requires no further action from us.