Allow_choice_duplicate assistance

I have a specific plant species list per plant plot where plants identified can be selected. Then, only for the plant species selected does the next question appear. Some plots have the same plant species. Thus, I enabled allow_choice_duplicates. However, when a plant species is selected it shows me copies of the same question per species. Eg. Plot W2 → selected Helichrysum krookii → Multiples of the same follow-up question: Pollen load options Helichrysum krookii.

Is there a way to allow different plots to have overlapping species but without showing dupilcates of the followup question?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
Dec Insect Form A4 & W4.xlsx (20.9 KB)

@victoria_r, you will need to share your XLSForm with the community to troubleshoot your issue. In the meantime, you could also have a look at this post discussed previously to learn more about how to handle the duplicate choices issue:

Thank you! will have a look at it now. I’ve also edited my post to include my XLSform.