Allow choice duplicate settings in cascade select

I have cascading select set up in my form using Kobotoolbox form builder. But when I try to deploy I get this error:

The name column for the ‘municipality_city’ choice list contains these duplicates: ‘Santa Cruz’, ‘San Jose’, ‘Catarman’, ‘Bontoc’, ‘Tubod’. Duplicate names will be impossible to identify in analysis unless a previous value in a cascading select differentiates them. If this is intentional, you can set the allow_choice_duplicates setting to ‘yes’. Learn more:

The "municipality_city: choice list has duplicates because there are provinces that have the same municipality or city names.

How to set allow_choice_duplicates setting in the form builder?

@techremote.opc, choices generally should be unique. You should be able to learn more from this post discussed previously:

However, there may be some cases where the choices should be allowed to be duplicated. In such, case, you could set it as outlined in this post discussed previously:

Thanks for your replies. I checked both threads and neither applicable to the issue I have.

While there are municipality names which are the same, they are associated to different provinces. Given cascading select setup.

@techremote.opc, this is how you set the choices duplicate in your XLSForm …



Was able to successfully deploy the form. Thanks for the help.



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