`allow_choice_duplicates` - cant find solutions

hi there, facing below error message when i made some changes in my data (excel file, uploaded here too) and then uploading/creating new survey.

any help will be highly appreciated.

Welcome back to the community, @ahsanmani! When validating your xlsform with this online validator I see that there are a lot of duplicates in your list_name beneficiary:

Try making them unique and this should solve your issue.

You should be able to learn more on how to handle duplicates through this post discussed previously:

Hello @ahsanmani,
It seems that your form includes personal names (with location info).
Please, always avoid to publish any personal data in this forum. Would you mind to re-edit your post and delete the xlsx attachment?
See community Guidelines

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Oh… i dont know the rule… sorry… i shall delete the attachment.

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thank you so much for the solution… you are good as always.

(i shall delete the attachment)

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