Allow_choice_duplicates in web form

I am using the web form builder (not xls) to build a survey. I was trying to insert skip logic and keep getting an allow_choice_duplicates error even though my choices were unique. I am not sure how to allow duplicates in the web builder form and am reluctant given the deadline on this project to learn the xls platform. I removed all the skip logic and am still receiving the same error. Is there a way to allow duplicates from the web form?

Would you mind to use the search function of this forum, e.g with “choice duplicates”.

You may also have a look in the documentation


Thank you! Yes I have looked at those already, but I’m trying to use the web form not the xls. Is there any way do this in the web version?

Hi @WinS,

The form builder UI should not be able to identify you the issue. It would be easy for you if you follow the following steps to troubleshoot your issue:

  • Download your survey project in an xlsform.
  • Validate your xlsform here.
  • Make changes based on the findings while validating.
  • Replace the xlsform in your account with the edited xlsfrom.
  • Deploy/redeploy.