Allow export of or_other columns before retiring legacy XLS export

Hi there,

As per other comments on the forum, or_other data columns are not exported in the latest export utility, but instead need to be downloaded using the legacy export formats Problem with exporting "or_other" data

Given that the legacy export options will be retired at some point in the future, is there any plan to include or_other data columns in the in the remaining export utility?

I know there are other ways to include ‘other’ fields in XLSForms, but we have large existing forms and databases that already use or_other, and would require significant re-writes if we cannot export or_other data in future.


Welcome to the community, @gjwells1! Thank you for brining this to the community. Will discuss this in the team and update you on the same.

Hi @gjwells1, thank you for spotting this. You can find the issues tracked here on GitHub that seem to have drifted into the background:

We will prioritize a fix for this issue soon.