Allow web based data download but not raw xml or xls form download


I am trying to find out if it is possible to grant someone access to data on Kobotool box through the web but prevent them from downloading the raw form files (xml or xls)

I know you can set up a linked account to restrict certain access but this always allows the option to download the raw forms under ‘More options’

I have previously restricted access to forms by using the QR codes to setup tablets and allow managers gain access to forms on handheld devices. I now need to allow someone to access the data online but want to prevent them from downloading and distributing the raw forms.

Is this possible in Kobo?


Hi @Rusti,

Welcome back to the community! Do you mean you wish to share only the custom reports page so that your team are able to view the report but are not able to download the data.

Have a great day!

Hi Kal,

Thanks i been offline for sometime!

No, that is not quite what i want.

I want to allow someone to login to the account (or a linked account) to download the data into a csv to import into an offline database. But i don’t want them to be able to download and distribute the xml or xlxs forms and share them. At them moment if you can log into the web and have access to both data and forms you export the form in its raw format. I am not always available online to export the data for different projects and need to give someone else access to the data only and not allow them to edit or download form templates. I have tried a shared account but this still allows access for downloading forms.

If there is any other way to provide access to the data and not the forms that will also work.

Thanks for the input. Regards

Hi @Rusti
The simple answer is based on the permissions that you can accord a user. Unfortunately what you are asking for is not possible within the platform


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Thanks for the reply Stephane.

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Hi @Rusti,

Kindly please be informed that if you wish to see the feature in the upcoming days you could create a feature request here. Maybe when there is a funding available, KoBoToolbox could come up with the feature you have requested.

If i understood you correctly, do you mean the new feature would be like a user if permitted permissions should be able to download dataset but not the survey form?

Have a great day!

Hi Kal, yes that would be great. A shared/linked login which allows access to download data only, with no access to the forms within the main admin account. I will create a feature request, thanks for the timely responses.

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Hi @Rusti,

Thank you for coming up with this new innovative idea. Expecting the same in the upcoming days as well.

Have a great day!