Am i able to share information to another user in KoBoToolbox?

Dear Sir,

I would like to know some information of KOBO user. Do we can submit data or complete questionnaires from other user’s account and we can see in my own user account. For example, I complete the questionnaire in account A, and in account B also can see my data submission. Becuase I don’t want to share my account to another.

Hi @Ah_ly,

Kindly please be informed that you are able to share information from one user account to another user account (but it is allowed only between the same server i.e. only within users from HHI server or only within users from OCHA server). Users from HHI servers are not able to share their project details with users from OCHA server or vise versa.

For details, please see the support article Managing permissions.

You could also have a look at some discussions that has been discussed in the community forum here.

Have a great day!

Okay thanks for answer it can help me a lot.