Analyser Problem: Blank Charts, No Data, Multiple Form Deployment Versions

I watched all the videos, read the manual, read all the similar posts, and am still getting blank charts in analyser. I downloaded the XLS file of the data, the project form data, and version 1.23 of analyser. Made copies of the tabs, chose default language, converted green errors from text to numbers, have no red config errors, but no data is appearing for any questions in CHOICES.

I think the problem is that the form and data files do not match, and analyser cannot read the data. I redeployed the form 12 different times after making edits to certain answer choices and added a basic background question. It appears the KoboToolbox website has changed since the manual and all these videos were made, as it is no longer possible to download data from the projects tab and only from the data tab. The manual says that “if you download it from here, you must ensure that you have made no alterations to the form since you deployed it as your survey project. The form file must match the data file exactly.”

Can someone help with this?
Is the problem using multiple form deployments or something else?
Can the form and data files be fixed?
Would cloning the project fix this? Would it be easier to redo all the data collection in a new project or trying another analysis application?


Welcome to the community, @jd213! Have you tried using different data format (i.e. legacy, csv etc. to see which one should work best)?

Thanks, @Kal_Lam - I just tried using the data file in CSV and legacy but had the same result. I don’t see an option to download the form file except in XLS or XLM (which doesn’t look like it is supported)

You will need to download your xlsform (for the question) in XLS format and then add them in the analyzer as outlined in the manual.