Analysis of Multiple choice questions

Hello Communitiy,

Am trying to analyze the responses to multiple choices questions by creating pivot tables

it creates different pivot tables for different answers sequence even if it has same answers
like choice A, choice B is a different from choice B, Choice B and each one is created in separate column, now imagine these probabilities for questions that have more than 10 choices

any help ?

@Kal_Lam kindly help

Hi @bkryasim,

Can you provide a screenshot of your issue, for community to better understand the problem you are dealing with?

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this is on excel , as in the multiple selection question shows 1 for selected options and 2 for unselected options

@bkryasim Can you give a little more explanation? Maybe a dummy data to understand your problem?

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I think you should use functions here and forget about pivot tables, I usually use =countif(""&“choice”&"") so that it counts the choice once it appears in the column with no need of separating them into multiple columns.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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