Android kobo 500 error

Hi all,
I’m try to config my forms with a ODK collect and the KoboCollect and I can’t I’m test with this URLs:

I’ve the same error , 500 attached screenshot. Any idea o tip?

@sowe, could you also let us know what the error message reads? BTW, have you also validated your XLSForm through this online validator? The online validator should help you identify syntax issues if any present within your XLSForm.

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Hi Yes , no problem works , but if you see the error is when try to download in apps (odk collector and kobo collector).

Attached the images translate :
image1: 1 of 1 failed downloads!

image2 and 3 :The server returned status code 500. If you continue to have this problem, report it to the person who asked you to collect data.

@sowe, it seems like you are on the IFRC server. Would you mind checking it on one of our public servers to see how it behaves there? Let us know what happens so that we can troubleshoot your issue.

Hi @Kal_Lam ,
Yep i did other test with this server works .

The steps were:
1:- I created an account
2:- I uploaded the same form there.
3:- In the application I have configured the server as you commented in this thread. Server configuration in EU KoboToolbox server

I understand that it is a server issue, since it does work on this server.

@sowe, could you also let us know the total number of questions and choices your XLSForm has? Maybe this should also give us a clue of your issue.

I’m fix it , i need to change the server for and now works

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Well, I have been doing more tests and it still fails with that server. 500 error
40 Questions
5 repeat group
I have re-validated the xfrom with the tool and it works. and is ok

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@sowe, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: