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I have successfully added different language versions into our form but now encountered a problem I cannot fix by myself…

We have a set of questions “How well do the following sentences describe your organisation?”, and then a few sentences with a set of answer options. In English and in most other languages, these answer options are always the same. But in one language, we need to have slightly different answer options to each of these questions. I tried to fix this by giving different XML values for each question’s answers but the form builder automatically “sync” the answer option XML values.

Below you can see a screen shot of the form builder:

And here you can see how this looks on XLS:

I was thinking if I could add lines on XLS and modify the names there, but have no idea what I should put as “list_name” then…?
Any other suggestions?

Did you mean the choices are the same and you will need to use the same for these questions?

I am not sure if I understood your question.

The answer options in Myanmar are slightly different, depending on the question. But the logic/scale remains the same (not at all - yes very much).
I would need to have more lines in the XLS so that I could address this issue with Myanmar translations (and the answer options would make sense with different questions).
For example, having names “**CS_**not_at_all” etc. for choices under community appreciation question, and “**F_**not_at_all” for choices under funding question.

Did this clarify the issue?

Isn’t the name the same and the label only different in your case (when you have multiple languages):


Well yes but no… I don’t know how to explain this without only making it more confusing.
I now made some changes in the XLS file, this is how I would fix the issue (if possible), and maybe this clarifies my question as well. I haven’t tried uploading this into Form builder yet. Should I change the list_names highlighted in yellow?

If you keep A5 to A14 with the list_name as ot3gb00 it’s going to get displayed in the same choice. If you wish to split this choice you will need to rename the list_name from A10 to A14 and then use that list_name to questions which requires a different choice. Hope i was able to expalin you on what you needed.

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Hello @Suvi,
Another option could be:

  • Add a question asking for the language used
  • Use a choice_filter for the list items, based on the answer for the language question.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the system information on the current language, as far as discussed in the forum.
There might be a workaround: You can get the day of the week by a format-date(today(), “%a”) calculate. See The day name will be in the system language and you could compare it to the 7 language day names for each of your languages. The match would indicate the current language. (I am not sure, if this works for all languages.)

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