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Hi guys,

idea for a new feature: “answering” by uploading photos?

In specific, my team and I are fond of a method called ‘photovoice’.
Essentially, one asks the person to show a visual piece of their life. The picture obviously depending on the question. Can be combined with a short written description / story / context of the photo, but also feasible as standalone.

It gives the interviewee a much more “open” way to give their view instead of a standard questionnaire. Obviously best to be used in combination with a questionnaire, but you get the idea.
We are thinking it would be nice to be able to integrate this method within kobo, especially, since the tool can be used on phones/tablets.


Welcome to the community @cevapipapi! Would you mind explaining a bit more (if possible through a picture) to explain your new features request. This would help us correctly document your suggestions.

surely. I can’t explain with a picture unfortunately, since there is no existing mask like that.

However, imagine being asked: “What is life like for you in your hometown / current place of residence.” Then you could take 3 pictures, say of your favourite park, the street in front of your house and your workplace / school, and write a short paragraph about them each.
Dont have much programming experience, but it would therefore include a “text” response field and the option to upload photos in sort of a small “library”.

I hope this was clearer?


Looking at your requirement, it seems that it is something related with how you design your survey form (using the combination of repeat_group, image question type and text question type) to fulfill what you wish to have. Maybe you should be able to fulfill your requirement by following the instructions outlined below:

In the survey tab of your xlsfrom:

Image 1

Data entry screen as seen in Enketo:

Note: Please try this with Collect android app for better results on what you are looking for. Press the + sign if you are collecting data through Enketo or ADD if you are using Collect android app for repeated image and it’s description (in text).

Reference xlsform:

Repeat Group with Photos & Text.xlsx (47.3 KB)

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