Answers of interlinked questions not matching in result table

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I need your help if you don’t mind.

I have prepared a survey where colleagues have to choose a maximum of 6 partners they may be working with within a list of 15 ones.

For each of chosen partner, respondents are oriented to two question matrices with 8+7 statements screened in the same page. The matrices are the same for all partners, and each statement could be answered by either always, often, sometimes or never.

While testing the survey with few colleagues, there are two issues I couldn’t understand in the result table:

  1. Sometimes, the answers of the two matrices questions do not match with the partner the respondents have previously chosen.

  2. Sometimes only one of the two matrices is indicated as filled while both of them are mandatory. Logically, the survey shouldn’t be validated unless all mandatory questions are filled, isn’t it?

The screenshot below further explains these two issues:

Your help would be much appreciated, especially that we are launching of the survey this Sunday.

Thank you :slight_smile:

@m_gamha20, would you mind downloading your data as XLS (legacy) to see if they are still there?


Here it the XLS file which has the same problem:
Test_internal_perception_survey_-all_versions-labels-_2022-03-07-14-53-47.xlsx|attachment (27.5 KB)

As a reminded, the logic of the survey is as follows:

  1. Respondents choose one out of two categories of departments they are working in ;
  2. They choose a max of 6 actors out the 15 they might be collaborating with ;
  3. Respondents should answer the same mandatory two matrices questions with 8+7 statement for each chosen partner.

I have also included colors in the attached form to show the answers in the table questions that does not match with the choice of actors:

Green: everything is fine!
Orange: Only one matrice question among the two is filled
Red: The table questions and choice of actors do not match.
Brown: There are results in the table questions while the corresponding actor had not been chosen.

@m_gamha20, could you also share a screenshot of what is seen under the DATA>Table view? That screenshot should also be helpful for us while investigating.

I have been checking for the real survey answers which have been downloaded in csv format with labels, and they are both complete and corresponding to each others, so far so good hopefully :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand what happened with the answers of the test survey answers. Did you face a similar case before?

Thank you for your response

@m_gamha20, feel free to reach us back if you should face an issue in the upcoming days. Providing details such as screenshots should always be helpful while investigating the issue.

Thank you in any case for your availability, much appreciated.

We take such kind gestures as granted, while they are not :slight_smile:

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