Answers to questions with randomizatioin are not saving

Hi all,
I am currently working on a large Kobo data collection project. Some of the questions in the form are in randomly selected groups. Meaning, for example we have 3 groups with 10 question in each. The questions are the same, however the order of them is different in each groups. We used the below approach in the photo (as suggested in a different forum topic) to randomly select a group for each respondent.
This is working very well, however we noticed that when the enumerator saves the filled form and opens it again, all responses in questions with randomization are not there any longer. We are suspecting this is probably because the randomization is taking place as the form is opened.

Is there a work around this? Perhaps @Kal_Lam would be able to help?

Thank you for your support!

Welcome to the community, @pkc1! Did you check your dataset to see if the data submitted to the server is stored? It should be stored there.

Regarding your query, if you re-open the form, it will again try to randomize the set, so in this case you could see everything blank (if you try to edit the submission).

Just to make sure I understand correctly. If we don’t submit the responses, but only save the form and open it again later on, Kobo will try to randomize again and therefor we see everything blank (which is indeed what we see). Does this mean that the previous responses are lost, or are you suggesting to submit the form and check if the answers are still in the data set?
Thank you

Ypu may use the oce(…) function to avoid te-calculation. See XLSForm Docs