Anticipate issue of uploading questionnaire in a remote area

Dear all,
Imagine I fill 3 questionnaires (Q4, Q5 and Q6) on kobocollect or odk apps on my tablet. My tablet gets broken or I cannot upload to internet anymore: I still can get the 3 questionnaires from the storage of the tablet or from the sd card.
Is there a possibility to get them (Q4, Q5 Q6) in a computer or in another tablet(with internet) and upload them to my account in kobotoolbox in order to merge them with the precedent questionnaires (Q1, Q2, Q3) and have a merged database in kobotoolbox?
OR maybe another solution?
Thank you

@alinephilibert, this is not possible with KoBoToolbox. Maybe you could download your data in XLS format, update them and upload them back to the server using the python code as discussed in our previous post:

You might also have a look here:
And you can find more using the search function of the forum, e.g. with token “manual upload”

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Thank you very much

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