Any way to change the submitter username after the instance has been submitted?

I mean, from the Kobotoolbox dashboard? Unfortunately a device configured with the wrong username submitted over 100 entries and now it is messing up our analysis reports.

Hi @ks_1,

Maybe you could check the Require authentication to see forms and submit data which is present under your ACCOUNT SETTINGS from where you generally logout.


Having made this settings, unauthorized users/enumerators should not be able to submit data to your KoBoToobox server.

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The issue is not that an unauthorized person made the entry, it’s that a device got misconfigured and the entries of one person have come as though another person has entered it.

The data is correct but the username is wrong.

Hi @ks_1,

If this is the case, maybe you could fix the same by following the workaround as follows:

  • Download the data from the server.
  • Filter unwanted data and keep the remaining that should be upload to the other (user account/project name).
  • Use the following python code to upload the data as discussed here:

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Thank you, this seems like somthing that would work. I’ll try to do it even though it seems a bit advanced for me…

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