API Connector - Pull Data to GoogleSheets in Format of Asynchronous Data Export Style

Good evening KT Community, hope you’re all doing well? I’m trying to find a simple and reliable API solution to pull all data from KoBo projects through to GoogleSheets, I’ve been using synchronous data exports before, however data sets are getting too large for them.

I’m now working with API Connector and had some success pulling the data sets through, however the format is not the same as when it’s asynchronous (which I usually did via csv), e.g. text data will read as wurzel_grumage rather thatn Wurzel Grumage and column headings will have their grouping formatting i.e. results.group_en8fu57/What_is_the_clients_gender rather than “What is the clients gender?”

Can anybody advise how I can have the data pulled through in a asynchronous/csv style via API-Connector?

Any guidance would be appreciated.


If it is asynchronous, you might give Kobo XLS export / Google import via Excel a try.

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Hi @wroos thanks for coming back to me. Apologies for the error, I’m using synchronous data exports. I need to use something which can pull data from KoBo to GoogleSheets.