API - download excel data-Power-Query : ID too long

Hello everyone,

When I download my data with Power Query and select the first row as headers, the download consistently fails with the attached error message.

Could you please help me so I can continue my work?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Bakary, Welcome back to community!

Unfortunately i don’t speak French so i tried to translate your error massage. What i understood from your error is one of the column name is too long. If if is possible can you check your column name and make sure they are shorter than 100 character, i believe 100 character as the limit fo the query.

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@osmanburcu, :bowing_man:

Thank you @osmanburcu for your suggestion.
I will try to reduce the number of characters for the column headers. It’s surprising because I cloned the same questionnaire, and it worked fine with the previous version.

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