API dropping columns with no response


I am trying to pull data from the API (kobocat - the project is in humanitarian response - user “acaps”).
THe connection to the endpoints runs smoothly, however csv / json exports do not contain all the columns. Those ones with optional answer (not given) are dropped.

Is there a way around this?


Welcome to the community, @bucaneve! Could you list out the exact steps you have performed and also share with the community the screenshot of what is not working so that the community could also try the same at the end and help you out?

Simply analyzing the response I get from the API. I tried the “json and csv” endpoints from kobocat.
This is the command with R:
GET(endpoint, authenticate(usr, pwd))

having a look at the output of this, some headers are already dropped. If then I convert it to a dataframe, definitely the “empty” columns (containing questions not answered) are not present in the API response.

Why that?


Hi @bucaneve, you can follow a discussion related to this here:

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