API quotas and bulk record update

Good morning,
I wrote a script in python to update about 1000 records in one of our projects. The script is based on the post How to edit values using Kobo API? - #3 by Akratos. I can successfully run the script over 200/300 records but I eventually get a server disconnect message (‘Max retries exceeded with url’). It seems to be due to the script hitting a API request limit. Can I know what the limits are? I now get a 403 error message and I seem to have lost access to the API. Can my access be reinstated?

To gain in efficiency, I rewrote the script to update several records at the same time which would reduce the number of requests to the server by a factor of x10. I now have a list of IDs for the variable “submission_ids”, similarly to the original script posted by Josh in the link above. Would that be a valid approach? I read in other older posts that this option might not be supported yet…
Thanks for your help!

Welcome to the community, @wcs_tanzania! Could you also share your python script with the community so that the community could also test it for you and help you solve your issue?

Sure, find below.

import pandas as pd
import requests
import json

fname = 'path/file.xlsx'
sharc = pd.read_excel(fname, engine = 'openpyxl', sheet_name=0)
catch = pd.read_excel(fname, engine = 'openpyxl', sheet_name='catch_details')

URL = 'https://kf.kobotoolbox.org/api/v2/assets/project_id/data/bulk/'
TOKEN = 'private_token'

    'fomat': 'json'

    'Authorization': 'Token {TOKEN}'

# this function is responsible to updating the records. It's designed to check if the record is in a group

def update_record(id,stri,species,local_name):
 if stri == '':
  payload = {
   'submission_ids': [str(id)],
   'data': {
   'boat/catch_details'+stri+'/species': species,
   'boat/catch_details'+stri+'/local_name': local_name
  payload = {
   'submission_ids': [str(id)],
   'data': {
   'boat/catch/catch_details'+stri+'/species': species,
   'boat/catch/catch_details'+stri+'/local_name': local_name

 res = requests.patch(
    data={'payload': json.dumps(payload)},

# this version of the script runs over each row of the excel file

for id in sharc['_id']:
 # this is to find the kobo record ID from the excel file
 parent_index = sharc[sharc['_id'] == id]['_index'].values[0]
 records = catch[catch['_parent_index'] == parent_index]

 # if the record exists and has multiple entries do the following
 if len(records) > 1:
  for i in range(len(records)):
   species = records.iloc[i]['Scientific name']
   local_name = records.iloc[i]['Common name']
   if species == species:
    print(str(id)+': '+species)
  # if the record has only one entry 
 elif len(records) == 1: 
  rec = records
  species = rec['Scientific name'].values[0]
  local_name = rec['Common name'].values[0]
  if species == species:
   print(str(id)+': '+species)
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ah! I found the error. I forgot to put a “f” in front of the TOKEN variable in the HEADERS.

Regardless, it would be good to know if the API has a quota and what that is. The script fails due to the server blocking access.