API v2 exports to R

i have a connection problem between R and kobo data.
The data in kobo has many repeats
so it is useful for me to export on my dashboard, in order to have a suitable csv for the particular case
and connect through the API
but I don’t understand how to use the form https: / YOUR_DOMAIN / exports /
where should I enter the token and the formID?

@bonushenricus, sharing with you this previous post which should be helpful:

it’s a question of R I think
I can not understand
if I try

> library(httr) 
> rawdata <- GET("https://kf.kobotoolbox.org/api/v2/assets/am4K8tNeceqiaNbFqMimju/data/?format=csv", add_headers("Authorization : Token [my Token]"))`

does not work

Hi @bonushenricus, maybe try amending your add_headers(...) to:

add_headers("Authorization" = "Token [my Token]")
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